Health Insurance in India


The benefits of health insurance in India cannot be overstated. Buying a health insurance policy can help you get health care without spending all of your savings. Today’s health care plans offer much more than hospital expenses.

Select Your Health Insurance Plan

  1. Find the right coverage. …
  2. Have it at your fingertips. …
  3. Family preference over individual health plans. …
  4. Choose a renewable lifetime plan. …
  5. Compare quotes online. …
  6. Hospital network coverage. …
  7. High claims settlement rate. …
  8. Choose the type of plan and enter your data


Not having a health insurance plan will result in financial losses and will eventually deplete your savings. You’ll end up paying the bills yourself, which you can allow the insurance company to pay.

Who Needs Health Insurance?

The answer is easy for everyone! Regardless of your age, gender, or shoe size, you need health insurance. Just as you need car insurance, in case something happens to your car, health insurance will cover you if you get sick or are injured.


According to data from MyInsuranceClub. com, a 5,000 rupee family pontoon covering yourself, your spouse and a child will cost between 10,000 and 17,000 rupees a year. An individual health plan of Rs 5 lakh for 35 years will cost Rs 4,000 to 7,000 per year.

Why is health insurance so expensive?

The most notable reason is that health care in the United States is based on a “for-profit insurance system,” one of the only systems in the world, according to Carmen Palber, CEO of Consumer Watchdog, who has advocated for the health reform. safe. Market.

First, your health coverage must be at least 50% of your annual income. Second, insurance coverage must cover at least the cost of a coronary artery bypass graft at the hospital of your choice. Most personal finance experts recommend a minimum health coverage of Rs 5 lakh.

Budget Health Insurance in India

Name of the plan Sum insured
HDFC ERGO Silver Smart Plan INR 3 lakhs to INR 5 lakhs
Universal Sompo Complete Health Care Individual Essential Plan INR 3 lakhs to INR 5 lakhs
Star Health Comprehensive Individual Plan INR 5 lakhs to INR 1 crore

Health insurance vs MedicAlem

The medical claims plan provides coverage only for hospitalization and treatment related to predetermined accidents and illnesses with a predetermined limit. The health insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage for inpatient fees, pre-hospital fees, post-hospital fees, and ambulance expenses.

Best Mediclaim Policies in India
Mediclaim Policy Sum Insured (Rs.)
Bajaj Allianz Mediclaim Policy 1.5-50 lakhs
Bharti AXA Mediclaim Policy 3,4,5 lakhs
Care Health Insurance Mediclaim Policy (Formerly known as Religare Health Insurance Mediclaim Policy Rs. 3 Lakh to Rs. 60 Lakh
Cholamandalam Mediclaim Policy 2- 15 lakhs

Best Health Insurance Companies in India

Below is the list of top health insurance companies in India along with their claim settlement ratio as per FY 2019-2020.
Rank Health Insurance Company Health Claim Settlement Ratio Network Hospitals
1 IFFCO Tokio General Insurance 96.33% 1416
2 Care Health Insurance 95.47% 2500
3 Magma HDI Health Insurance 95.17% 5016
4 The Oriental Insurance Company 93.96% NA
5 New India General Insurance 92.68% 1256
6 Bajaj Allianz General Insurance 92.24% 6277
7 Max Bupa Health Insurance 89.46% 5270
8 Navi General Insurance 86.98% NA
9 HDFC ERGO General Insurance 86.52% 9414
10 Manipal Cigna Health Insurance 85.72% 6509

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